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Lady Luck captivates the wise.
See The Signal and the Noise for examples.
Also This blog.


Another click bait test: one day I was driving southbound on the 405.
A red muscle car overtook me from behind and cut me off in traffic.
I wanted to know what sort of fool would do that, so
I checked the license plate of the muscle car: SHAGAR.
Youngans can check out this video for more info.


This is a click-bait test.
My first year of college was at Northwestern University,
where I lived in Porter dorm with Kurgan, aka Clancy Brown.
Clancy was majoring in Theater, and since it was
widely known that his father was a Congressman,
we all figured he'd go into politics.
But Clancy was born in the Year of the Sheep, so he made movies instead.

One day when I was throwing the frisbee down Porter Hall,
Clancy left his room to take a shower, and told me,
"Don't hit me with that frisbee!"
Of course it was my life-time best shot.
The frisbee floated straight down the hall and landed softly on Clancy's head.
He grabbed it, walked back to me, put me in a headlock,
and pounded me on the head with it.
Then he went back to his shower.


I saw a bogus entry in my blog today.
It's time to update my access files.
That seems to be working...


I have fixed up my index page to my website.
Next is to fix up my calendar web site.
I also need to update my calendar apps in Google Play.


I added a "Let's Encrypt" certificate to this web site.
Next I need to create/configure the .htaccess file for the apache web server.
Once that is working I should be good to go.

...and it works!


I am testing out my new blog software.
There is just one more detail to implement.


Tonight I am fixing up my blogging.
I had tried using Django, but
all the tutorials assume all Django web sites.
Perhaps I should write a book about converting
a website to Django piece by piece.